Vintage Quote by Mark Twain

Vintage Royal 1940s typewriter

Two years ago, I experimented with type-written quotes. Quotes that I typed on paper and sold online.

I had a vintage 1940s Royal Typewriter. 

I loved literature.

Blending the two to make vintage typewritten quotes was a natural reaction to having these two things I cared about. So, I opened a second Etsy shop and sold quite a few.

But then, I got tired of it. 

I'm not sure why. The work into typing quotes was taking over my time to sell vintage and to be honest - much like my rant in a previous post about having to write papers in college over books I loved - it took the joy out of the literature.

So, I closed that shop. Now, I print them when I want, with whatever quote I want, and send them as gifts to people I love, friends and family, and as a thank you to customers with large orders on my vintage clothing Etsy site.

Sometimes, what we think might be a perfect thing ends up being a drain on our resources. Sometimes, we find what we truly love when we do what we don't love.

This is my takeaway: don't force what isn't a natural love. I love vintage and literary words, but selling them isn't where I found my joy.

I figured out that I'd rather give away the quotes than make money off of them, and the result - sending them to random customers and friends - is a far better feeling.

This quote though, is lovely. Twain had the best wry sense of humor with a huge dose of wisdom. 

Mark Twain typewritten quote on paper

The words hit home. Get ahead by getting started.  The hardest part is just starting... once you get going, it'll all fall into place. Just like this blog. I'm glad I began it all over again. It's been nothing but pure joy.

If you like this quote, and are the first person to comment below, I'll send this 4x6 quote printed on ivory card stock paper (suitable for framing) to you in the mail. For FREE.

Once you comment, I'll reply comment and then you can email me your address with the "contact me" form on the sidebar of my blog.

Thanks for following along.


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