There’s a Holiday for That

The great  - and also mildly annoying thing - about how we’ve made everything into a holiday, other than the merchandising, is that you get strange “holidays” that covers just about any joy or grievance you have with anyone or anything. 

I feel like it’s taken the sanctity out of everything. 

I suppose many think it’s fun and silly, and it is. And perhaps that’s all it is: a way to bring joy into the mundane. 

But “Forgive Your Parents” day? Seriously. Who needs to be reminded of this? You either do or you don’t forgive and you don’t need a day to remind you.   

“Act Happy” holiday? Haha, oh dear. I suppose the grumps of this world COULD use this reminder. Here’s a photo to show you what that looks like in case you’ve forgotten.

A vintage photo of a happy little girl

Also, here’s a “short” list I found on holidays - or special days - for today, the 18th of March.

List of March 18 holidays

Have a great Monday! And don’t forget to act happy. Or hey, maybe just BE happy instead.


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