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A poem by Shakespeare on friendship.

I follow this page on Facebook called English Literature. I can’t help it. I was an English literature major, and have a humanities master’s degree with an emphasis in literature, so English lit is my jam. 

I took an undergraduate Shakespeare class back in the day. We read about 8-10 of his books and wrote papers on all of them. I love the books but do not miss the paper writing. When I read this poem though, it took me back. 

Writing papers on books I love takes the joy away from the literature. If I had known this before taking the English degree, I might not have... wait a minute. No. Of course, I would've majored in English. No matter what I had to do.

It's just tough to write thirty-plus papers per semester (for all my English classes). If the teacher had asked me to write a blog about each Shakespear book, on something that interested me with each book, no problem. 

But when it's super specific and esoteric like, "Write about the identity of the lead character and explain why betrayal is the theme of the story," well, it forces me to write about something I don't want to write about. Which is what school is all about, I suppose.

Okay, that is neither here nor there. But if I taught an English lit class, it's something I'd like to entertain - choose your own subject for your essay. Every time.

This poem is true. Friendship is a hard-won activity to give and receive. I’m blessed to have many close friends - or “heart friends” as one of my best friends likes to say. 

I consider all of my vintage-loving followers friends, too. 
Thanks for following along and being a friend to me. 

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