What is Deadstock? │ A Rainbow of Vintage Deadstock Leather Belts

I just listed all the belts I sourced yesterday. I even took a few more pictures because the colors are so vibrant and vivid, and it's not often I acquire multiple items of the same thing in different colors (well, I did find a few sweaters that way a couple of weeks ago)... but still. It's on the rare side.

Close up of leather belts

The leather is in excellent condition. In fact, I think they're all deadstock. Deadstock is the term given to clothing that was never worn. Many people buy clothing they never wear and leave the tags on them. I find them all the time. I'm sure your closet has clothing with tags still on it. (I've been trying to not do this: if I don't wear it, I need to donate it, or tag the tags off and choose to wear it.)

A  group of colorful belts

Now there are two different terms here. Dead stock and deadstock. Dead stock, according to Shipbob, means "... e-commerce inventory, usually stored in a warehouse, that is no longer sellable and will likely never sell in the future, oftentimes because it's expired, obsolete, low quality, or out of season. Deadstock only refers to inventory that has never been sold, which excludes returns." This is unsellable merchandise.

That's not what I'm referring to. These belts aren't necessarily merchandise that couldn't sell. It's instead merchandise that still has its tags on it because the owner never took off the tags. Deadstock, according to the Urban Dictionary is, "Brand New. Never worn, Never Tried, and would usually include a box for the shoes." This is sellable merchandise, but they didn't produce more, and the ones that did sell still have their tags because they weren't worn or used.

I read a great roundup about deadstock from Sammy D Vintage. That website is stuffed full of amazing vintage information if you're looking for a bit more about deadstock and anything else vintage. The website is more commercial than it used to be, so I've vacillated whether the posts are really to give us information or just to make money. Regardless, it's an informative site.

A group of vintage belts

Deadstock is a treat. It means no wear and little aging to the pieces. It's like stepping back forty years or more depending on when the item was made. Finding headstock from the 1940s or 1950s is an incredible feeling. Something over 70 years old that was never worn is rare. Deadstock is a way to wear the past without the age and without thinking it will fall apart... because it's brand vintage new.

I love deadstock clothing and accessories. It feels like I've won the lottery whenever I find old clothing that has never been worn. It means there's less wear and age and a whole lot of living history in the piece. I know many people feel like I do on this: it's already exciting to source old vintage items (bonus) but extra nice if no one had the chance to wear them (double bonus).

Colorful Vintage Belts

The deadstock belts are listed. They are a rainbow bevy of beauty!

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