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In just a few weeks, my camellia blooms will all be gone. 

Here in northern California, our camellias begin to bud and blossom in mid-February. By the time mid-March rolls around, they're gone, and but a distant memory.

This is why I take a few pictures every now and then, to preserve the memory of them. I have six camellia bushes around my property,  but this one - the variegated one - is by far my favorite and the most beautiful.

I can't believe nature can make blooms like this. It's incredible. They look edible.

This bush is at least twenty years old. It was here when we moved in 11 years ago, and it was thriving and very established. It might be closer to thirty years old. Quite the plant.

I'm off to meet a great friend of mine for breakfast. She lives out of state so when she's in town in Sacramento, we hit up our favorite restaurant, Karen's, for breakfast. They make a "salmon scramble" that's to die for.

Salmon, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, chives, cheese... it's perfect. Lots of protein and fat, just what the body needs. They usually serve it with some phenomenal rosemary sourdough bread.

I order the bread just to smell it. It's divinity on a plate, really. I'm not eating grains right now, not by choice, but because my body isn't handling it well at the moment. But, if I can smell the bread, that's almost just as good. Almost.

If you're ever in Sacramento, go to Karen's for breakfast. Get the salmon scramble. Their bakery comes highly recommended as well. I highly recommend it too.

Have a wonderful Thursday.


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