Vintage 1960s H Barc C Ranch Wear Plaid Wool Coat │ Vintage Thrifted Finds

I found this plaid wool fur-lined hunting coat jacket today. I thought about buying it to sell ... for five seconds!

Vintage plaid red wool jacket

I realized it fit me perfectly and I have nothing like it. So, I'm dealing with the vintage seller's number one problem: don't keep the merchandise. 

Vintage plaid wool jacket worn on a woman

But, it's alright. I think I can handle it. Ha.

This '60s piece is a beauty. The wool is in great vintage condition and it's made by the H Bar C Ranchwear western wear line. I've sold a few pieces by them over the years. I love that the label is still intact. That's such a gift. 

A vintage '60s H Bar C Ranchwear Label

And the faux fur interior is the softest thing. This jacket is incredible and in 14 years of selling vintage, I can tell you I haven't come across one quite like this. 

Back of a woman wearing a vintage wool plaid jacket

I belong in an episode of Yellowstone while wearing it. That's my take on it, anyway.

Vintage Plaid Wool Jacket

I also found a vintage mug (I'm keeping it for now) and a couple of denim items that will end up in the shop.

Vintage haul of a jacket mug and two jean items

So this jacket is beautiful, unique, and rare and I'm putting it into my coat closet for now. But as with all my vintage clothing, it always has the potential to end up in the shop.

Even though I wasn't wearing this jacket when I left the house this morning, I'd say this outfit counts as my vintage outfit of the day for this week.

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