Vintage Prairie White Bohemian Dress | Vintage Peasant Cottagecore Wedding Dress

I just listed a gorgeous prairie dress. It's white with blue lace details. If The Princess Bride could wear another dress in her repertoire, it would be this one.

A white vintage prairie wedding dress

The details are exquisite. It's a white cotton maxi dress with prairie/peasant style, a mutton sleeve, and a tiered skirt. It exudes vintage beauty. This is a 1970s gem with a throwback to the mid-1800s when these dresses were common.

A full shot of a vintage bohemian dress

This stunning dress is far from common though. This style - and color - is rare. Because it's white, it can also double as a wedding dress. Sure, it's perfect for that garden party, or a day "out on the grounds of the estate on a picnic." But most women today don't wear white dresses (I wish they would). 

If they do, it's because they're the bride and wear a white dress to a bridal shower, or wear white on their wedding day.

A flatlay photo of a beautiful white vintage dress

The details of this dress are stunning. I can find zero flaws with it, except for a slight easing of the elastic on the wrists. There is still some elasticity though. So, this early '70s dress is in remarkable shape and condition for being 50-plus years old.

A closeup of blue lace on a white vintage dress

I'd put it in the cottagecore category. What is cottagecore? It's a fairly new category of fashion and aesthetic that is based on rural European style. Again, mid to late 1800s style. It's funny how the media has to create a new name for a style that's been around for hundreds of years. Marketing tool for sure.

This beauty is in the shop. I have other wedding dresses available here too. Take a look. Vintage wedding dresses are some of the most beautiful dresses out there.

As it is wedding season, I'm happy to have found this gorgeous peasant dress to add to the shop.

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