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Two Tall Incense Cedar Trees

I love trees. These two large sequoia sempervirens in my front yard are some of my favorites. They're at least thirty years old and give some serious shade in the summer.

Their evergreen quality is a nice change when the rest of the deciduous trees tell us it's time to lose their leaves and we must wait six months to see their leaves again.

To me, trees are a protector. 

They shade me; they watch over me; they take care of me; they establish my home; they give beauty to the neighborhood; they reach for the heavens and praise their Maker.

Like the trees in The Lord of the Rings, called Ents, they represent strength. And they're beautiful to watch. The Ents act "as ancient shepherds of the forest and allies of the free peoples...." Yeah, I like that.
Drawing of Ents by Tom Loback
Ents Drawing by Loback

I love these trees like they're my own children. These old trees are masters of their space and protectors of mine.

Have a wonderful Friday, my vintage friends.

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