Marilyn Monroe Vintage Pictures that I Love │ Vintage Bombshell

A black and white image of Marilyn Monroe
Because of Pinterest, I've found some great Marilyn Monroe photos over the years that I'd never seen before.

I'm a huge fan of her, love everything about her, and for a while, I'd send my sisters and mom -- every Monday -- a "Marilyn Monday" photo. 

Usually, they were photos that I'd never seen or ones that truly showed the heart of Marilyn, not the "bombshell" persona that she was turned into.

Those photos have charisma, of course, but I'm much more drawn to her true side; her innocence, really.

I like the photos where she knows she's not in front of the camera for the sake of getting the "money shot." The real Marilyn, the Norma Jean she always was -- no matter what the media portrayed -- inside her heart and soul. 

Marilyn Monday is my kind of Monday.


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