Vintage Heather Olive Green Pebble Beach Sweater │ Men's 1960s Mid-Century Sweater

Vintage large 60s green sweater

When I came across this vintage sweater, I bought it, folded it up, and stuck it in my closet.

It's not my size. But, I still thought I could make it my size just by setting it next to my other sweaters.

I love vintage Pebble Beach clothing and have sold many pieces over the years, I love olive green (my favorite color) and I love vintage sweaters. How could I not keep it?

It really doesn't fit me though. It's a touch too big. Not that I don't want big sweaters, that's what makes them so comfortable. 

A image of a vintage label closet up by Pebble Beach

But, I kind of feel like I'm swimming in it. And not in a good way.

Off to the shop, this beauty goes. Thick, quality wool, gorgeous heathered olive greens, and that label.

Oh man, that label. A mid-century label is so pleasing to look at.


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