Saturday is for Thrifting Vintage│ Weekend Thrifted Finds

I don't always get to thrift on Saturdays There's usually quite a bit to do around the house, events to go to, or something involving my sons and extracurricular events.

But I hopped into my local thrift store, the one that's a mere mile away from my home and on the way to just about any errand I run, and found a few more goodies. I'm a huge fan of getting into thrift stores as often as you can for even a mere five minutes. It's consistency that brings in the findings. Like this dress.

A vintage dress, vintage belt and vintage mug

This 1950s / 1960s house dress is one of them. The pattern is so fun, as is the rhinestone piece.

A closet up of a rhinestone pin on a dress

I sell a great deal of vintage belts because I love belts, and think they're undervalued as far as accessories go. I always look for good quality leather, and Ralph Lauren belts usually fit the bill.

Closet up of a leather Ralph Lauren Belt

Also got this sweet vintage Christmas mug for .99. I'm going to hold onto it for a little while... add it to my collection and maybe sell it if I don't love it. But, let's be honest - I'm such a sucker for vintage mugs. This one is a cutie. It may be in my cupboard for a while.

A close up of a vintage christmas mug

The dress and belt will be added to the shop next week. Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend. 


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