A Vintage Look That Resonates With My Vintage Casual Style

Black and White image of a woman from the 1940s in pants, plaid shirt, belt carrying tools.

Vintage clothing: I'm immersed deeply in it.

From wearing to selling it, it's always on my radar, and always on my mind.

I came across this photo a couple of years ago, pinned it to one of my Pinterest Boards, and I go back and look at it from time to time because I love it so much.

If there ever, ever, was an outfit that represented me or what I wanted my image to be, it would be this one. It's casual but elegant, and timeless. All the things I aspire to be.

I'll have to do a side-by-side of this photo one day - of me wearing an outfit like this next to her beautiful look.

Have a lovely weekend as we “spring forward.”  


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