Mint in the Garden │ My Vintage Garden

Close up image of growing mint

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm growing all herbs in my garden this year. I took a snap of the prolific mint that spreads like a ground cover at times in my garden.

It's so verdant and vibrant and I look forward to making mojitos or even a mint julep with it this summer.

If you want a fast-spreading plant (herb) that comes back year after year, try mint. It smells great, can be used in many recipes, and truly makes anyone look like they have a green thumb.

Here's a great article on the benefits and ease of growing mint if you're looking for a little advice for your gardening.

Trust me, my thumb isn't that green and look how beautiful it looks. So, how do you grow mint? Well, that answer is easy... it pretty much grows itself. 


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