The Crest Theatre of Sacramento │ Vintage Theater from 1912

If I'm lucky, I get to go to one or two concerts a year. I mean, very lucky. My and my husband's schedule seem to sabotage our best intentions of being and maintaining a cultured lifestyle. 

Last Sunday night, we went to a wonderful concert given by Gregory Alan Isakov at the Crest Theatre.

The Marquee for the Crest Theatre of Sacramento

He is a fantastic musician and singer: think modern folk music meets phenomenal songwriting meets updated hippie music. 

The venue in which the concert took place was the historic Crest Theatre of Sacramento. Open since 1912, this theater boasts beautiful woodwork and details from the Art Nouveau period.

A concert shot of Gregory Alan Isakov

It was my first time in the theater. A shame, to be sure. But now that I've been, I now know why it's such a celebrated location. It's a perfect concert hall. With great acoustical sound, enriched by the wood and ornate details, it's also a gorgeous place for a concert, theater production, or musical.

Popcorn was even available during the concert. How novel. The Crest Theater is also a popular locale for movies.

If you've never heard Isakov, you would be doing yourself a favor to listen to his voice. Haunting melancholic melodies are his focus. And they're some of the best out there.

Last night was a fun time. Went to dinner first (on a double date with my sister and her husband.) then off to the theater for a concert. 

I can only imagine the dresses the women wore and the suits the men wore back in 1912 when it first opened. It must've been beautiful, glamorous, and exciting to attend an event at the Crest Theatre.

Image of the Crest Theater back in the 1950s
The Crest Theatre Circa ‘50s

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