Thrift Haul │ Vintage Thrifted Finds March 2024 Week 2

The joy of thrifting is in the unknown. What will I find today?

Tuesdays are my main thrift days, though I hop into a single thrift store several times a week. I try to source as much as I can for items for my Etsy shop on Tuesdays - things I can list throughout the week.

Today's fun find was a stash of the same brand of 1980s leather belt in all the colors of the rainbow. They are beautiful, and the leather on anything vintage is far superior to modern belts. 

A pile of vintage leather belts in rainbow colors

In fact, most modern belts - belts you could find at Target or Wal-Mart - aren't even leather. They're synthetic. Made of plastics that are supposed to look like leather. How disappointing and how low the clothing and textile companies of today have gone to make a buck.

The belts made my day though as did this gorgeous vintage Pendleton sweater. I source for Pendleton as often as I can. They've been around for decades - I wrote about them in a previous article - and anything vintage Pendleton is top quality. 

A vintage western wear Pendleton Sweater

This western-wear '80s Pendleton sweater is beautiful. I've never actually thrifted one like this before, which is remarkable. I know they're getting rarer by the day, but you'd think with as much thrifting as I do they'd show up more.

A close up  image of a vintage pendlton label

Another fabulous find is the prairie style, in the vein of Gunne Sax, vintage dress. It's white with blue lace and would be a perfect wedding dress. How gorgeous would the bride be with flowers in her hair? Stunning. 

A vintage prairie dress layed out

A vintage wedding dress is so uncommon, despite the trend of vintage attire, that I think women should rethink vintage bridal dresses. Even my recently engaged future daughter-in-law should wear one! (I understand if she doesn't... but it's my prerogative to mention it.♥)

Details of a vintage dress

They're usually far less expensive and you can alter it to update it or to fit you right. Why pay thousands for a wedding dress when you could pay a couple hundred, like this beauty, and have a work of art that was made about 50 years ago?

This amazing wool J. Crew Sweater also is a fantastic find. I used to have one like this! With the roll-top neck, and the quality wool, these vintage sweaters are classic.

A vintage wool J Crew roll  neck sweater

They're timeless and would you believe, this is the first time I've sourced one as well? Today was a great "firsts" kind of day.

A close up of a vintage J. Crew label

I also sourced two short-sleeved ethnic Mexican blouses. These are so popular and tend to fly off the shelves when I list them. While I'd prefer to stay in the fall and winter clothing season (I'd do it year-round if I could) I know people are getting ready for spring and summer. I have to begin to fill the shop with more vintage short-sleeved blouses, shorts, and t-shirts.

Today's vintage haul wasn't huge, but definitely larger than it had been. For that I'm grateful. All of these will be coming to the shop later this week and next week. And just so you know, I've put the shop on a 15% off sale to clear out winter merchandise! Come on over and have a look.

Have a great day, my vintage friends!

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