Thrift Haul │ My Vintage Thrifted Finds March 26, Week 4

A flat lay image of a pile of vintage finds
Tuesday is my main thrifting day of the week. 

Some weeks, I can barely find a stitch of vintage out there. On other days, the vintage is practically throwing themselves at me. Those are rare days, but they're fun. Those are the days when I find exactly what I'm looking for... and more.

Well, that was today! In fact, I'm still so excited I can barely write this post.

I found more than a handful of great things today. I found two huge handfuls of things. 

There are the usual regular suspects I'm always looking for like denim, or bandanas. I found plenty of that. Which makes today amazing. But that's not all.

I also found a couple of incredible skirts and a beautiful black wool cardigan that I'd love to keep (but won't). And a piece of Pyrex I don't have that helps complete a set of mine. These finds also make today doubly amazing. 

But that's STILL not all.

Today's biggest find was a thrifted Yves Saint Laurent velvet and taffeta blouse. 

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent blouse

Okay, hold the presses. Genuine YSL. Y'all, let me state the obvious: this brand is hard to come by!

Finding vintage YSL is equivalent to finding a unicorn. They're rare. 

And in my world of hunting and searching for a lot of men's workwear, sweaters, denim, and the occasional vintage dress (where haute couture fashion is NOT a common find) this wonderful piece presented itself to me like a ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds.

In the last 14 years, this is "only" my fifth piece of couture YSL. As I said, it's a unicorn-quality piece.

I plan on writing a separate post about it with a little YSL history, so stay tuned for that. This blouse deserves all the attention it can get.

So, was today a good thrift haul? You better believe it. Lots of vintage goodness in this pile and (most) all of it is headed to the shop late this week.

Thanks for sharing in my excitement. YSL is the winner of today's thrifted haul.

PS. I didn't try the piece on because I didn't want it to fit me. Ha. It actually looks a touch small for me, so I think I'm in the clear. Maybe. Fingers crossed...

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