Vintage Outfit of the Day │ Vintage 1940s / 1950s Women's Denim Outfit

After looking for years for some vintage '40s/ '50s Levi's women's jeans (finding men's vintage isn't the problem... it's finding the women's Levi's) with a side zip closure, I finally caved last year and bought a pair off of Etsy.

A pair of women's vintage 1940s jeans

Jeans, for me, are hard to find. I think most women feel this way. I love vintage Levi's and modern Levi's, so that's my chosen brand I tend to stick with. And when you find what works, it's easy to start only wearing that particular brand.

But, women's jeans - especially vintage jeans, which is what I like to wear - are very difficult to find that work for my body type.  This is mostly because of my height. I'm on the taller side, so finding an inseam long enough that doesn't make me look like I'm treading water is hard to do. Plus, women back in the day were (on average) shorter than me.

A close up of the snaps and zipper on a pair of vintage jeans

When I saw a pair of vintage 40s/50s ranch wear women's Levi's jeans with my needed measurements, I kind of zeroed in on it and watched it like a hawk. They were perfect. I couldn't think of anything else. After a few nights of watching them and hoping no one else bought them (I saw they were in someone else's car), I had to get them.

A vintage Ranch Wear Levi's Label

Since I don't buy a whole lot of clothing for myself (unless it's thrifted and even then, it's few and far between as I'm a minimalist these days with my wardrobe) spending a few dollars than I normally would on a pair of vintage jeans was risky. But, so worth it. 

My mantra for the past 10 years has been to buy less but buy better. Vintage clothing is all of that. Quality fashion, sustainable fashion, and fashion that will last decades more if you take care of it. I still abide by this slow-fashion ideology.

An look at a vintage denim jacket and vintage jeans outfit

These jeans are stunning and the best part, they were never hemmed. They actually feel more like deadstock vintage, or maybe worn a few times, then the previous owner folded them back up and never wore them again. The waist is right, and the inseam is right... these were meant for me.

A close up of a vintage button with laurel wreath and stars

Levi's are my choice of denim. And today's vintage outfit of the day look is all about the 1940s-1950s. 

Jeans: Vintage Levi's Side Zip Ranch Jeans - 1940/1950s

Jacket: Vintage Big Dallas 1940s /1950s Ranch Jacket - For the few years I've had this jacket, I thought it was from the 1960s and maybe from the 1950s. But I just read that a "laurel wreath victory circle" button implies it's post-WW2 and sometimes post-WW1, depending on the design - so this jacket is probably from the late 1940s. I'm so happy to know this. And now, I need to do a lot more research on laurel leaves, stars, and button history.

Bandana: Vintage 1940s/1950s Red Bandana

I plan on doing a few more Levi's posts because I just finished a phenomenal biography about Levi Strauss. My number one love is vintage denim, particularly vintage Levi's (because it's part of the Northern California culture) and it's been around me for decades.

Write about what you love, they say. So, that's what I will continue to do.

Hope your day is wonderful. And wear your Levi's!  

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