Vintage 1970s Orange Zweigle Modell Palazzo Pantsuit │ 1970s Jumpsuit

Some days, the thrifting is spectacular. On other days, and to be truthful this is on most thrifting days, the finds are sparse. Not necessarily because there isn't vintage out there, but because I'm more choosy about what goes in my cart compared to what I used to sell in the early days.

After selling vintage for years, I've figured out what sells and what doesn't. And I'm also getting to the point where I want to list items that aren't common. I also want these items to be ones I love. I mean, truly love as in wear it, and love it, and only sell it because I need to turn a profit every now and then.

These items don't need to be expensive, per se, but I'd prefer them to be different and unique; something not everyone has, or even wants to have.

Something special that a special person needs for their wardrobe. This vintage 70s wide-leg jumpsuit by Zweigler Modell certainly fits the bill.

A model wearing a vintage 70s Zweigler Modell Jumpsuit
Zweigler Modell Jumpsuit

Of course, it fits great and I shouldn't be selling it, but I don't have a place to wear it. And I really don't have room for one more piece. My closet is as full as I want it to be right now.

Oddly - and not so oddly enough - my sister wore it to a themed retro costume party. That's really where this beauty will shine!

Vintage 70s orange and black jumpsuit close up and label
Zweigler Modell Orange and Black Jumpsuit and Label

It's in excellent vintage condition. I had my sister's mother-in-law (who is a sewing extraordinaire) replace the zipper, as it had run its course.

I'd give you a history of the designer, except I'm having trouble locating anything about them. I'll have to dig deeper and hopefully uncover who this cutting-edge designer was.

This palazzo-style vintage 1970s jumpsuit is one of a kind, to be sure.

Head over to my shop to see it. What a gem.

Have a groovy rest of your day. ♥

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