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Over the last 14 years, I've only come across about 16 of these disco-style shirts. I checked my past sales of Kennington, and yep... 16 in 14 years.

A disco Kennington shirt

What are they? Why, they're Kennington shirts. 

Known for wild and funky prints, these shirts are fun and highly collectible now. This one has images of women's faces from the turn of the century. Along with very tiny images of Mickey Mouse hidden throughout.

It's like a nice game of "Where's Waldo" but with Mickey Mouse instead, and on a shirt, not in a book.

The label alone is worth looking at these shirts just a little more carefully.

Vintage Kennington Label

Established in the '50s, they've been around for decades and are still going strong today.

A good chunk of them, and ones I've sold, were made in the '70s, in the disco style appeal: butterfly collar, crazy prints - even Disney prints and patterns -  made of nylon or polyester materials. 

A picture of a mickey mouse Kennington shirt

The Vintage Fashion Guild wrote a great little blurb about them. Read it and get a little more history than what I'm merely re-dishing. The one above I sold a few years ago has Mickey, Donald, Daisy ... the whole gang.

They are rare, despite the fact I've been lucky enough to treasure hunt and find a dozen plus four of them. Well, luck struck again and I came across another one this last week.

Full length view of a Kennington Shirt

Look at the pattern. Horses, gentlemen, and riding out on the country estate. Oh my!

Up close image of a Kennington shirt with horses and gentlemen

This fun shirt hits the shop today. It's roughly a men's x-small (though tagged a medium - remember, vintage sizing does not correlate with modern sizing - it's usually smaller). 

It's in great shape and has slight staining on the inside of one arm. But, for being 50 years old, I'd say it's looking rather groovy.

I love that Kennington label and also love wondering what pattern I'm going to find next time out in the wild world of thrifting and vintage hunting ...

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