Vintage Women's Knickers │ Tweed Breechers

A pair of women's tweed knickerbockers
Ever seen those fun men's trousers that gather at the knee with a button? Those are called breeches, or better yet, knickerbockers. Knickers for short.

They were originally popularized by men back in the day, over a hundred years ago - mainly golfers and bicyclists. But then ladies began wearing them because hey, they're comfortable. It sure beats riding a bike in a dress.

I came across a '80s to '90s tweed Knickerbockers put out by Woolrich Women this week.

I so desired these to be in my size. I rarely come across knickers like this. And the tweed wool in this pair is phenomenal. It's items like these that help you to curate a beautiful vintage wardrobe.

Alas, they're headed to the vintage shop.

They're roughly a 27" true waist and work great with tights and jackets in the winter, fall, and spring. Winter isn't over yet. There's still time to enjoy all the wool, tweed, and layers you can possibly handle.

But, do you want to know the best part about these trousers? It's what I found.

My favorite perk of reselling vintage is what I call "pocket finds." I found a sweet hankie in the back pocket of these knickers.


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