Dried Flowers from a Grateful Customer │ Customer Appreciation Post

When a customer sends you a thank you note with dried flowers from their garden, well, you document it. Thank you, Carol. So appreciate it. What a simple but beautiful gift.

I don't get customer feedback often in person like this. So, it was a fun thing to open. Now I want to look into how to dry flowers from my garden. What a novel concept, and yet, oh-so vintage. 

I dry herbs quite often, and I do it by simply hanging them upside down in our dry and warm garage.

But I don't normally dry flowers. I'm thinking how that needs to change. It's all a part and parcel to the vintage living and slow living movement that is so prevalent in my life.

Here's a great article from HGTV on how to do just that. Looks like I know what I'll be researching this weekend...

Happy weekending.

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