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While I prefer true vintage items, things that one would find in thrift stores and antique stores, sometimes I come across vintage-inspired items on Amazon or elsewhere that give vintage a (slight) run for their money.

Of course, it would always be finer to have the real McCoy (especially real McCoy pottery), but if you can have something similar, that fits your needs, modern vintage isn't a bad way to go.

Most decor in my home is vintage, but there are a few modern items, like wall art. And it's always inspirational when I see certain tapestries that look vintage (but don't have the hefty cost). And sometimes, dare I say, it jumps into my cart. Everything listed here is something I would put in my home. I love it all.

Here's a sample of some modern items I've seen that are vintage-inspired and can blend perfectly with your decor, whether your decor is modern, vintage, or a little bit of both. I've linked all the items. Sometimes, true vintage is the way to go... and sometimes vintage meets modern and it's just fine.♥

Flower Candle Warmer Lamp with Timer
Flower Candle Warmer Lamp- adorable!

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