Blooming Pink Jasmine │ My Vintage Garden

My pink jasmine is starting to grow and bloom this year.

My aunt and uncle gave my husband and me this beautiful plant when we moved into our current home almost 11 years ago. And while a portion of it died, and some of it we had to remove for it not to overwhelm our lime tree, it's still going strong.

So, in a way it died, and in a way it didn't die. It's the whole phoenix syndrome. New life after death (or near death.) It’s actually doing better than ever.

As I've said before, this is the advantage of perennials. They keep coming back, year after year, even after they're taken out! (Just like the anise I "poached.")

It smells heavenly and I'm so glad it's blooming.

Have a wonderful spring weekend, my vintage friends.

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