Spring 2024 │ Butterfly in the Vintage Garden

Sitting out on the patio the other day, a lone monarch butterfly ambled over to my old azaleas and began flitting about looking for nectar. 

A butterfly in an azalea flower

This one was a little unique in that it didn't just flit from one flower to the next, but took its time sitting in the flower, finding all the goodness, and hanging out. Enjoying the scenery.

He hung out long enough for me to get some decent photos!

He wasn't in a hurry. He was waiting for the nectar to come to him rather than hurrying through from flower to flower.

I can take a lesson from this butterfly. 

Slow down, smell the flowers... and by activating a slow-living lifestyle, you get everything you need because you have slowed down enough to see your needs fulfilled.

He probably gained more from each flower by slowly taking it in and taking his time.

A monarch flying away from an azalea

There's a lot to be said for relaxing, slowing the need to find your "daily bread" and instead, letting the bread find its way to you in due time.

There's a season for working hard, and a season for sitting back. I think we need to sit back more often. 

Less is more. Yes, even the butterfly tells me so. Slow down to live a more productive - and satisfying - life.


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