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I’ve been treasure hunting for a long time. 

A rack of vintage clothing

I used to thrift and antique with my mom and sisters when I was a preteen. 

Now, I treasure hunt for a living (and love it!)

As one learns what they’re looking for, they begin to see how easy or hard specific items are to find. Some items practically find their way to you while other items are like searching for gold in an abandoned and much-used mine. They’re nearly impossible (but they are there) to uncover.

If I were, let’s say, to have a list of items that I want to find regularly - and yes, even dream about finding - it would look something like this list.

Here are my top 10 (constantly) quested finds:

  1. Vintage Levi’s Denim
  2. Vintage Pendleton (from shirts to women’s skirts)
  3. Vintage Denim Overalls (from the ‘30s through the ‘90s)
  4. Vintage Selvedge Denim (or non selvedge - any denim item)
  5. Vintage Military Clothing 
  6. Vintage Leather (bags, purses, vests, etc)
  7. Vintage Haute Couture Pieces (from Versace to YSL)
  8. Vintage Wool (from Sweaters to Trousers)
  9. Vintage Pyrex (I collect this as well)
  10. Vintage 1930-1960s dresses
These are my top favorites. Ones I dream about. Denim shows up three times in this list. 

Levi’s is its own category because it’s that valuable and special to me. Selvedge is its own because it’s so rare. And regular denim is on the list because I so often find denim from Wrangler, Lee, and numerous others that are beautiful and collectible. 

Do you have any specific items you are looking for?

This is a small list. I also add random vintage items like belts, jackets, scarves, and other vintage kitchen items. But on the whole, if I could just find the items on this list, I would be beyond happy.

And actually, I do! (Just not as often as I wish.)

When you find what you’re looking for, and questing for, researching, and hunting for, it makes those rounds so sweet. 

Happy hunting, my vintage friends. 

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