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I think every woman has a favorite dress. 
A flat lay of a vintage 60s dress

I happen to have a lot of favorites because I work with them on
Vintage '60s close up of a label a daily basis. Vintage dresses are the crème of the crop. 
But I do have a favorite favorite one. And it’s this one. 
A mid-century ‘60s cotton novelty-print dress. 
It’s crisp, it’s cute, it’s classy and it’s creative. Look at the pattern! Horses, street lamps, books… I mean. Wow. 
This is my favorite one and I can’t wait to wear it this spring and summer. I feel like Audrey Hepburn in Paris would’ve worn this. 

Vintage mid-century dress on a woman

And on a bicycle with a baguette in her hand, no less. 
Ooh lala. Such a fun one. 



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