Thrift Haul │ Vintage Thrifted Finds April 2, 2024 Week 1

If I could thrift each week what I thrifted today, my work would be too easy.

It's wonderful to thrift exactly what you want, but the joy also comes in not finding what you want so that when you do, it's all that more exciting.

Today I found some "staple items," as I call them; items that sell quickly. They're items I would also love to find every time I thrift. 

These include vintage '70s military trousers, vintage '50s Pendleton board shirts, vintage novelty sweaters, vintage bandanas, vintage Ralph Lauren denim, vintage '70s deadstock jeans, and vintage overalls. 

A flat lay of vintage clothing

These are items I sell regularly - as in "fly off the shelves" regularly. But I don't find them nearly as "regularly" as I want. Today was different. I found all of that. The only thing missing is some vintage Levi's denim. But, I find something Levi's almost every week, so it's coming... I'm sure.

I've sold a few sweaters over the years by Sabra. I love their labels and their zipper pulls! They're works of art and such quality materials. Circa early '70s, maybe even late '60s.

A close up of a vintage Sabra label

Today's thrift haul was satisfying and fun. Every piece I found felt like I was finding gold and I don't take days like this for granted. All these items are headed to the shop by early next week. 

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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