Thrift Haul │ Vintage Thrifted Finds April 15, 2024

Tuesday is my usual thrift day for the week to source for my shop. But due to a changing schedule, today was my time to thrift.

From Hawaiian shirts to winter sweaters, I'm sourcing for all seasons, all the time.

A flat lay of vintage clothing

Here is what was in the haul:

  • Two vintage Hawaiian shirts - circa '60s
  • One vintage denim skirt - circa '80s
  • One fitted women's velvet cropped jacket - circa '80s
  • One wool aran sweater- circa '60s to '70s
  • One vintage black knit dress- circa 'early 70s 
  • One vintage gray wonderfully worn in sweatshirt - circa early ‘70s
Here's a close-up of the sweatshirt I love so much. It's worn in, has patina and age, and it fits me. All the things that make it a perfect vintage sweatshirt (especially the "fitting me" part).

A flat lay of a 1970s sweatshirt

Of all the items, you wouldn't think the most basic simple item would be my favorite. 

But hey, I'm a simple gal. This basic heather gray sweatshirt is so soft and comfy. I will be keeping this one for now, but the rest will be coming to the shop next week.

Hope your Monday is perfect 


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