Yves Saint Laurent 1980s Edwardian Blouse | Rive Gauche Peplum Fitted Velvet Blouse

The brand Rive Gauche was created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966. It was the answer to the masses who wanted YSL clothing but didn't want to pay the exorbitantly high prices that YSL commanded.

 Let's be honest for a moment thought... Rive Gauche was still expensive, even as an offshoot of the haute couture line. But as YSL once said, "I had had enough of making dresses for jaded billionaires."
Well put. This was a line of clothing that not everyone could afford, but definitely more than the elite few.

The words "rive gauche" literally translates to "left bank." The left side of the Seine is where all the fashion and hip trendy boutiques were located in the late '60s.

Today, the Rive Gauche brand is still as iconic as ever and YSL is a staple of haute couture fashion.

I uncovered this gem of a piece in a thrift store last week. It's a peplum-style velvet and taffeta jacket blouse with seriously gothic vibes. The quality is over the top. 

Fitted - with an Edwardian style - and a peplum waist with gorgeous faceted buttons, it's a piece that will upstage any "casual" look or add a "je ne sais quoi" to any formal look.

Au revoir.
And it's in the shop.

A form wearing a vintage YSL blouse

A close up of a rive gauche saint laurent label

The back of a YSL blouse

Vintage Rive Gauche Black Jacket on a dress form

A vintage YSL jacket laying on a rug

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