Vintage Kodak Ephemera from the 1950s

I came across an old Kodak envelope that housed some of my grandparents' negatives to enlargements made decades ago.

My grandfather was quite the photographer (mainly a hobbyist though) so there were many photos - and still are - of his floating between my house, my siblings' houses, and my parents' home. He always had his camera at every event, from birthday parties to anniversaries.

Missing them, my grandparents, is a terrible understatement. They've been gone from their earthly lives for over twenty years now but it still feels like they're with me.

I remember seeing this bright gold color decades ago in the '70s and '80s, and it's fun to see this late '50s envelope. Kodak was such a fun "entertainment" concept. Photos, fun, family, friends... it's all connected.

And I love that slogan, "Any good picture is a better one enlarged." 

Even though real film isn't used much anymore (although it is having a comeback, as is all things vintage), Kodak will always be in my memories … and now yours.

A vintage Kodak envelope closeup

A vintage Kodak Gold Envelope

A vintage Kodak gold Envelope

A Vintage Kodak Envelope Image

The Back Image of a vintage '50s Kodak Envelope

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