What's a Women Cave? │ 10 Diverse She Shed Ideas

There's a new trending search term on Pinterest I've come across called "Women Cave" and I suppose it's bit of a push-back to all the "men caves" out there. 

We've heard of "She Shed" and the "Sewing Room," but why does a man get to go to a place he loves and have it called a "man cave" but a woman may go to a room she loves and it's called a Sewing Room, or Kitchen?

Hmmmm. I can see why the interest in naming a room we love to work in is something that should be a bit more glamorous.

Presenting the "Women Cave," "Ladies Lounge," or "Diva Den."

I suppose this room is whatever brings you joy. For me, it would be a library, with a built-in coffee maker, and a place for all of my vintage clothing I love and vintage Pyrex. It needs to be a bit moody, with rich dark tones and leather sofas, along with tapestries and damask fabrics.

It needs to work as a library, and writing room, that houses my favorite vintage finds. That's all. Ha!

A Vintage Lady's Retreat. That's what I'd call it.

You could have a room full of vintage purses decorating the walls, or a 1960s-themed room. It could be a potting shed turned chic, or an outdoor gazebo. It's whatever you love the most that deserves to be center stage in this room, much like the coveted big screen TV and pool tables of the Man Caves.  

If you want that in your "Women Cave," then by all means, go for it!

A resplendent "She Shed" with pillows and tapestries sounds beautiful too.

Here are a few fun "Women Cave" ideas I've seen on Pinterest. They're all diverse and beautiful. Most of them are linked. (Once you go down the “She Shed” rabbit trail, you may be gone for a long time ... fair warning).

As soon as my oldest moves out, I may or may not be converting his room into a "Woman Cave" of my own.


Woman Cave Sign
Vintage '40s Cabin

A She Shed Image of a outdoor Gazebo made resplendant

Vintage Woman Cave

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