Vintage Quotes in the Wild

In a previous post, I wrote about vintage literary quotes typed on a vintage typewriter and how I used to provide 4x6 typewritten quotes in my Etsy shop. I have an old typewriter, I love vintage, and I'm a literature enthusiast and writer, so creating type-written quotes was a fun thing to do.

While I don't do this anymore, it's a bit too time-consuming, and I just type quotes for fun or as gifts, it is great to see my quotes out and about, particularly on Pinterest and Facebook where they spread like wildfire. 

I came across this quote on a site on Facebook, it just showed up in my feed, and it's from my house ... I typed this. I know because of the faint letter "a" as well as the slightly uneven left indention. My typewriter has a mind of its own occasionally and jumps a space when I type certain letters or begin new sentences. 

But when I set it back a space, it never quite lines up correctly. This only adds to the charm of vintage-typed quotes...

Vintage Type writtern Tolkien Quote

Each type written quote is a labor of love. It takes time to make sure things line up correctly, keep the typewriter working right, as well as make no typos! Each typed quote is like a child of mine. 
I know my handiwork!

I thoroughly agree with this quote. The simple life is the best life. 

And it should be celebrated.

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