Estate Sale Finds │ Vintage Clothing at an Estate Sale

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a fabulous estate sale I went to. I scored about 40 items! It was a great day for vintage clothing. These kinds of estate sales are rare. Usually, estate sales give me a couple of items ... if I'm lucky.

The lady of this home had impeccable taste. Her style was exquisite. Here are just four highlighted pieces. All are listed and linked to my shop.



Vintage 40s 50s dress
Vintage 40s 50s Dress

Vintage 50s Velvet Suit Set
Vintage Velvet 40s 50s Skirt Set

Vintage Cape
Vintage 50s 60s Wool Black Cape

Vintage Curly Lambswool Coat
Vintage 50s 60s Lambswool with Mink Collar Coat

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