Vintage TWA Boarding Pass │ Vintage Finds at an Estate Sale

Was at a lovely estate sale this last weekend. Found some incredible deals. The woman whose home was being liquidated had serious style. Just exquisite pieces from evening dresses to furs. There were items from the ‘40s through the ‘60s. True vintage. 

I’m still overwhelmed by how much I picked up. It’s so unusual to find much true vintage anymore let alone a closet full. I even kept a few pieces for myself. This woman’s closet pretty much fits me so it’ll be difficult to sell much of it. Yikes.

This is why the vintage seller’s kryptonite is trying on the vintage. I try not to, but dang it… it happens. We’re here to sell the product and one can’t make money keeping the vintage clothing that fits! Haha.

I’m lucky if I get a couple items at an estate sale. This one (are you ready?) gave me 40 pieces! Again, I got a special deal because I came at the end of the sale. I feel very blessed. That’s a few weeks of thrifted searches all in one fell swoop. 

I hope to showcase them here over the weeks as I get them listed in my shop.

Anyway, the other cool thing is I picked up a vintage TWA boarding pass as well. Old ephemera is fun. This is something I’d find in an old book I picked up to buy. And maybe it was used as a bookmark. 

I believe this piece is from the mid-‘80s. Love everything about it from the seat number to the St.Louis destination, and that it was classified as “no-smoking” … which was a thing back then.  

I remember the smoking vs. no-smoking section vividly because the smoke never “stayed” in the smoking section. Weird.


An image of a vintage TWA boarding pass

An image of a vintage TWA boarding pass

Also, here’s a quick snap of my pile of vintage goodness. Jackpot! 

Pile of vintage clothing on a bed

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