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In Northern California, Crepe Myrtles are like Starbucks: they're everywhere.

They tolerate the heat very well - and we don’t have to deal with snow - so they’re a great ornamental tree for the Sacramento Valley.

I don’t have one in my yard but the rest of my neighborhood does. Every one! Pink, white, purple… all the colors.

My frustration with them is they’re extremely slow growing. But if you want a small tree with color, this is a perfect one for your yard. You can keep them trimmed to stay small too.

But old Crepe Myrtles - 30 years and older - are stunning. The picture below is of an old Crepe Myrtle about 40 years old.

Happy weekend.

A mature Crepe Myrtle tree

Flowers from a Crepe Myrtle

Pink Crepe Myrtle Flowers

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