Vintage 50s Chain Silver Toned Belt

I've sold several of these types of chain belts over the years. And I just found another one. Here she is. She's not real sterling or turquoise, but still has that feel.

Chain 50s belt

While at first glance it appears to be new, or even from the '80s, one from the 1940s taught me otherwise. This is how I knew it was older.

A few years ago, I found one like it, and the insides of the silver conch-like pieces were etched with names and the date -1949.

vintage chain belt

An art teacher's students gave this belt to her, and each student's name was etched into the back along with the school name.

An etched back of belt

And the last piece of the chain had the date, 1949, etched into it. This is spectacular. I kept this belt for a couple of years and wore it because I loved that concept.

Etched belt piece

This one may not be quite as old, and the shape is slightly different, but it's not what I would have dated it had I not found the first one. She's probably from the 1950s,

I just love her. I'm a sucker for belts, and this one is a beauty.

Vintage belt

She's in the shop.

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