Vintage Yosemite │ Vintage Photos of Yosemite in the 1950s

Today, I came across some beautiful black and white photos of my grandparents when they visited Yosemite decades ago. While the photos aren't dated on the back, I want to say they are from the late 1950s. 

My grandparents haven't walked on this earth in over twenty years, but I think about them all the time. Looking through photos of them is a treat and a form of nostalgia I'll gladly engage in.

My grandfather was an amateur photographer. Back when they used real film on true SLR cameras. Nothing digital at all. His photos were spectacular partly because he was a great photographer and partly because everything was so real.

Real film, real adjustments on the f-stop, real "click" and wind film forward for the next picture. Every shot was intentional. 

I miss them both tremendously.

And is it just me, or did folks back then take unnecessary risks in attempting to look at wildlife? That bear looks inquisitive and somewhat frustrated. But obviously, not too frustrated. I'm alive to prove that. Maybe the bear was just wishing them a good day.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank God it's vintage Friday! (TGIVF)


Yosemite Valley circa 1950s black and white photo

Vintage Yosemite 1950s

Vintage Yosemite 1950s

Vintage photo of bear at Yosemite circa 1950s

Vintage Yosemite 1950s

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