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I love finding unique vintage pieces. 

To wear, sell, research... it's all fascinating. Like a treasure hunt with a few side steps into rambling rabbit holes, getting to research items I've never seen before is a magical way to dive into new worlds - worlds I couldn't even imagine.

The randomness of it all is what makes it so magnificent. I have no idea what I'm going to find when I'm out sourcing for my shop.

I came across this beautiful wrap skirt just last week. Its pattern is of images of boats, sailing paraphernalia, and seascapes of Cape Cod... Orleans Mass, to be precise.

Wrap skirt with designs by Bruce Hart

The label inside the skirt was tagged, made by Joan Hart. The fabric was dated to 1982 with the name Joan and Bruce E. Hart, with the name of their store, Quahog Hollow Boutique.

Joan Hart label

I did a quick Google search and came up with information about the artist Bruce E. Hart. 

He and his wife opened a boutique with his designs back in the late 1970s. There was a mass (pun intended) appeal with his whimsical and beautiful designs, and his work was in many shops across the Cape. All sorts of products had his designs. 

Just do a Quahog Hollow search and you'll find them.

Bruce Hart Glass

I doubt there are very many skirts out there, which makes this one so special. I've only seen one other comp. Enjoy. I love his images... sea views, and nautical items. Especially on this hot day (and week) in the valley of California. 

I feel refreshed just looking at Hart's artwork.

The skirt is in the shop.


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