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A set of three denim jackets
Denim jackets are timeless. Vintage denim jackets are even more timeless.

Not sure if you own one, but I've owned up to half a dozen at a time.

That's excessive. I know... I agree. As usual, with my vintage wardrobe, I'll keep a few and wear them, and then over the years, figure out which ones I don't wear as much and list them in my Etsy shop.

And yet, there's a reason for owning so many. Denim jackets come in many styles. And colors.

There are oversized denim jackets, there are longer denim jackets, there are cropped and fitted denim jackets.

I realize some of you will say, "A jean jacket is a jean jacket is a jean jacket." Who needs more than one?

I understand. Except that, there are differences. 

Take these three jean jackets. They're all I own right now (as far as denim jackets are concerned). I actual have about ten winter jackets - three of the ten are denim, and I suppose, those aren't really of the wintering kind. They're the spring, summer, and fall kind.

Why ten? It's beyond me. I live in California where our winters are mild, as in mild hot sauce kind of mild. Barely a hint of spice. There's a touch of cool and some days below freezing, and those are rare days.

But I love jackets. I have lightweight ones and heavier ones, wool ones, leather ones, and denim ones (obviously). They complete the look; they solidify the daily outfit. They're needed...even here in Cali.

These three jean jackets are what I currently have in my coat closet. The largest (and most faded) is a Levi's '80s jean jacket. They're classic, they're roomy and comfortable, and they're the ones I sell the most of. Ladies love them, guys love them, and they fly off the shelves.

A vintage levi's jean jacket
'80s Levi's Jacket

The second one is a Lee denim jacket, circa '70s. I adore the cut of this one. Not too oversized, not too cropped, just right... the goldilocks of jean jackets, really.

Vintage lee jean jacket
'70s Lee Jacket

Then there's this beauty. This little guy is from circa the early '60s, by Big Dallas (I've never heard or seen this label since finding this - even researching it was fruitless). I was so happy to find it - my heart was beating out of my chest.

A selvedge denim jacket
'60s Big Dallas Jacket

It's selvedge denim (there's a history behind denim, selvedge denim was the original way denim was manufactured - I plan on doing a blog about that in the future - hang in there) so I  know it's older. Selvedge denim is also very in demand - and being that it's older denim, it's extremely hard to find. I feel lucky to have come across this piece.

A close up of what selvedge denim looks like
Selvedge denim

This was probably a boy's jacket, but it fits me perfectly. The cut is superb. It's fitted and sits at my true waist. I adore it and get so many compliments on it. Unfortunately, I can never direct anyone to find another one because I don't know if there are any out there in America!

Wondering if you need a denim jacket in your wardrobe? My response is a resounding "Yes!" Find one that's comfy, the color you want (notice how all three of mine are slightly different colors), and measure against a jacket you already own that fits right to see how it will fit.

I sell a great deal of denim in my shop, and especially a lot of denim jackets. As a slow fashion and vintage fashion blogger, I'd be remiss if I didn't write about one of the biggest loves in my vintage world: denim. Especially denim jackets.

They're versatile, multi-seasonal, and classic. And with vintage denim, you're getting a history and patina with the piece you just can't get with modern pieces... unless you wait at least twenty years and wear it like crazy.

In fact, if you're one to have a capsule wardrobe, or a minimalist wardrobe, a denim jacket is a must. It goes with everything.

All valid reasons to add one to your wardrobe as a staple you'll use year-round.

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