Vintage Haul | Thrifted Finds - March 2024 Week 1

Flatlay image of trousers, belt, and vintage pyrex
Thrifted (mini) Haul
Tuesday is my thrift day. 

This means I got to about four different thrift stores (sometimes only three if I've already found quite a bit) and source vintage clothing for my vintage online clothing store.

It's truly my favorite day of the week. That's because it means treasure hunting.

And with treasure hunting, you not only don't know what you're going to find but there's the chance you won't find anything. At all.

Today, I found a few things, even though it was a small haul. But I'm happy about it.

I found a pair of tweed trousers for women and a beaded belt, and both of those will be headed to the shop this week.

I'm also a vintage Pyrex collector. So, when I find Pyrex at all, it's a good day. And today was extra good because I found two pieces I didn't have. 

You can see my vintage collection from a previous post I wrote.◄

A hand holding two pieces of Friendship Pyrex
Vintage Pyrex
I picked up two pieces to the "Friendship" pattern. This pattern began in 1971 and was produced for a few years until 1974.

While thrift stores know the value of Pyrex and at times jack up the prices, today they missed these two. (Thank, God). 

The smaller red one was $2.99 and the larger one was $3.99. They're part of a 4-piece set that is called a refrigerator set

That is phenomenal pricing for old - fifty years old - Pyrex.

That's the joy of thrifting. You don't know what you're going to find, and if you do find something good when the price is decent, it's icing on the vintage cake.

Happy Tuesday, my vintage friends.

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