Vintage Floral '60s Sundress │ The Perfect Vintage Garden Party Dress

I just listed a stunning '60s dress.

It is beautiful from top to bottom with a thick cotton blend fabric and a circle skirt.

The straps are intricate. I've never come across a dress quite like this before. 

The back metal zipper tells me it's probably from the late '50s to early to mid-'60s, but I'm thinking sooner ... the colors are reminiscent of the "man on the moon" era, so perhaps 1965-1969.

There are no tags, unfortunately. But, I'm pretty sure this wasn't handmade. Tags always help me date the piece even more than just the zipper. It's alright though. I am selling (and have sold) enough dresses with tags to see that this is most likely from the 1960s.

Close up of the straps on a vintage dress
'60s Garden Party Dress

It fits my form perfectly (the form has 34-25-36 measurements) and I even tried it on and it fits like a dream. So... per usual, if the dress doesn't sell, I take no issue with that. Ha!

I can wear it this summer - maybe to a bridal shower or two - or even Easter Sunday, assuming it's not raining or cold - both of which are probable.

Anyway, with colors like this and it being in such remarkable condition, I had to tell you about it. I'd prefer it go to a home with the right figure who can wear this beauty in all its glory. She will fit an x-small to small best.

She's in the shop and she's just beautiful.



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