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Miss Scarlet and the Duke film still
I'm an avid mystery-watching gal.

This means that if I'm not watching true crime shows, like Dateline (I don't take their advice... I watch alone every time) or 48 Hours, then I'm watching a mystery. 

I only watch a couple of hours of television in the evening, but when I do, they're mysteries or true crime shows.

More often than not, those mysteries are from PBS. I've seen them all from Morse to Endeavor and Grantchester, going way back to Midsomer Murders (I'm actually working through all 24 seasons of them right now.)

I even watch Murder, She Wrote reruns. I've seen each episode several times.

All that to say... have you seen the series Miss Scarlet and the Duke on Masterpiece Mystery?

It's set in Victorian London - which is roughly from the 1830s to about 1900.

I love the premise of this show. It's got a detective girl as the lead (the novelty of this concept is the main theme of the show).

Miss Scarlett from the Masterpiece Mystery
It's incredible how unusual this was back in the day. And how far things have changed. Female cops and detectives are "normal" now. (Whew, finally.)

As PBS's site says, "The period crime series follows Miss Scarlet capably pursuing her assignments, outmaneuvering the male detectives around her.

It's a visually fantastic show. Great setting with a dark London (which I'm sure it was with all of the smoke, chimneys, etc that was London at that time), a wonderful cast, and the tension and connection between the lead, Miss Scarlet, and her friend/foe/ interest police inspector Duke.

The costume coordinator did supreme work and the vintage clothing is impeccable. 

While I loved the women's dresses back then, I wouldn't want to wear them. Too many layers, too much rigidity, too much corset. 

I love vintage dresses. I sell them every day and have a collection of my own. Vintage dresses are some of the best dresses I've ever worn. (My favorite decade is the 1960s - the time my mother was in her young 20s and wearing the heck out of these beautiful pieces).

The dress details of the Victorian era dresses are beautiful, but as I said, these dresses are just too much. They take up too much space, are too much to take care of, and too much to put on. No thanks.

Nevertheless, they are beautiful to watch in action. The best part of the dresses is the fabrics the designer implemented There are the most delicious plums, spruces, magentas, and indigos. Along with tweeds, thick cotton, and silk. Just stunning.

Of course, all the men's clothing is superb. That goes without saying. 

The show (as do most Masterpiece shows) generally airs on Sunday nights.

Take a peak at Miss Scarlet and the Duke (or find reruns or on-demand episodes). 

As their host network implies, these mysteries are masterpieces.


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