Margaret W Tarrant | Vintage Whimsical Artist and Illustrator

Have you heard of artist Margaret W Tarrant? 

I didn’t know the name but I sure had seen her work. And most likely, you have too. I love this April drawing. And as a bonus, that font is beautiful. 

Margaret W Tarrant April Art

Born in the UK in the late 1800s, she was an active artist from 1900 until she died in the early 1950s. In her early years, she had an art nouveau style resplendent with forest fairies and ethereal and whimsical delights. Lots of details. She dually transcended into children’s book illustrations over the years and was a prolific and talented artist.

Her work is otherworldly and enchanting. And I’m thrilled to now know the artist behind the illustrations. I look forward to posting more of her work here on my blog.

Margaret W Tarrant Art
There are even Margaret Tarrant coloring books. What a beautiful thing. 

Margaret Tarrant Coloring Book

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