Annie the Movie | Vintage Cinema and a Blast to My Past

A movie still from Annie
 My first movie - in a theater - was at six years old. It was 1982. The movie was Annie, the musical.

And it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. 

The first movie in a theater is always a big deal. But that it was a musical really made it the pinnacle of my new cinematic experience. How do you top a musical? Cinema, music, and dance all rolled into one.

I'm sure I was overwhelmed. And I think I was. Because every time I think of Annie, I smile and a huge rush of good feelings wash over me.

I had the glass cup from a fast food restaurant, the Halloween costume, the soundtrack on cassette - that my sisters and I listened to a thousand times -  and other bits of commercial promotional things growing up. It became a part of my life.

My niece played Annie in a local theater production last week. She did so well and was the perfect lead. So proud of her!

A photo of a woman and an Annie
The perfect Annie
It got me thinking about the movie, Annie.  I hadn’t seen it in over 35 years. So? I watched it a couple days ago.

Did that take me back! I love the musical score, and the ‘20s costumes (with a huge ‘80s hint that was so prevalent in ‘80s movies - think Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark - set in the ‘40s but geez, the ‘80s influence is so apparent!)

I felt like I was six years old all over again in a dark theater, trying to navigate the folding seats and sticky flooring. Some things never change. I'm still trying to navigate those things.

It’s a great story though with a positive storyline too: anything is possible and anyone can be redeemed from Annie to Daddy Warbucks.

And even Mrs. Hannigan. Because the sun will come out tomorrow.

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