Liberty Pattern │ What is a Liberty Pattern?

A dress on a dress form in a floral pattern
One of the best things about selling vintage is the continual education I receive with each piece I purchase. Because research is required (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) on each item (from pricing to label history), I find new information about random stuff daily. 

Sometimes it's a new company or brand, sometimes it's a style or cut of clothing.

Yesterday, it was the "liberty" pattern. I was looking at an Etsy shop owner's current listed items and she kept referring to an all-over floral pattern as a liberty print.

So I looked it up. And sure enough, a liberty print's "pattern profile incorporates botanical, animalistic, Paisley, ikat, conversational, and a range of other motifs, while the floral one still prevails. Liberty fabrics can be vibrant or pastel, mysterious or playful, infused with motifs addressing Western or Eastern culture, but never solid and boring."

The liberty print was in fact created by a textile corporation in London back in the late 1800s of silk and moving onto cotton printed textiles, particularly of floral patterns, which is what gave the company its claim to fame.

So, now you know. Liberty pattern is an all-over floral pattern. Very busy and beautiful. 

For those who know fabrics, this is forgone knowledge. I'm late to the party on this one. But, now that I know,  that's one more descriptive bit of text I can add to my listings.

Cheers to knowledge!


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