Thrift Haul | May 21, 2024

 Today’s little thrift haul was small and sweet.  

  • Vintage ‘80s Boy Scout Trousers - My husband rolls his eyes at these because he had to wear them as a child. Hey, people love the color. I can’t blame them. It’s my favorite color, too!
  • Vintage Brighton Belt from 1993 - Belts are the best. Brighton has such good quality that I can’t pass them up. 
  • Vintage Frankoma Mug - So, I might be keeping this. (Shocker!) Collectible and then a knockout of a mug, I just love it. Sturdy, pottery, perfect.
  • Vintage Kensington Shirt with not-so-hidden Mickeys! - I’ve talked about these shirts in a previous post. I love these men’s Kennington crazy shirts. And Mickey, well, come on. How awesome to have little Mickey scattered throughout.
All are headed to the shop later this week. Thanks for loving vintage like I do. It’s the best.

Flatlayn of vintage

A belt on a bed

A mug

Frankoma signed

Boy Scout button

Boy Scout trousers

Crazy shirt

Mickey image in a shirt pattern

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