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A book shelf accesory

Have you seen these? They're called book nooks.

Some are puzzles you put together, and some are pieces you assemble into cottages, houses, and fantasy forests. Some come already made.

They're bookshelf inserts and apparently, the sky's the limit on creativity with these. 

I'd seen some a year or two ago on Instagram, on a site called TheFaeryForest (the most amazing book nooks I've ever seen and probably where I would get one) but it has taken off with the cottagecore trend. 

Now you can find an insert to put on your bookshelf that represents you and what you love.

As if curated bookshelves weren't pretty enough (I'm not talking about bookshelf wealth, but shelves you've taken the time to curate, collect, and create something truly magical - something that represents you and your travels), adding these little bits of magic to shelves only takes up book reading another peg.

This has such vintage appeal because a lot of bookshelves have old books. Vintage books. Adding a book nook with an old-timey look captures a cozy library atmosphere.

Books are magical. As are book nooks that go with them...

A book nook

Book Nook in a bookshelf

Bookshelf insert

A book nook for your bookshelf

Book Nook insert

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