Thrift Haul │ My Vintage thrifted Finds May 14, 2024 - Week 3

Found a stack of vintage clothing on my questing today. Two items really made me happy. Here's what I thrifted today:

  • 5 '70s/'80s skirts 
  • 1 '90s silk blouse
  • 1 '90s belt
  • 1 '80s Levi's jean trucker jacket
  • 1 1974 olive drab army coveralls
It's nice to find more than a couple of things after scouring four thrift stores! I love all my finds, but of course, the Levi's denim jacket and coveralls are my favorites! 

I paid a little more for those two favorite items, more than I wanted to (wanted to = $10 or less) - closer to double than what I wanted - but when it comes to rare items or items I want in my store, I'm willing to pay a little more to have them. They get people to my shop (and get them back as repeat customers).

Once they know what I sell, they know I'll keep restocking the same (or similar) things and come back for more. These are headed to the shop tomorrow.

Have a super Tuesday...

A flatlay of a vintage levi's jacket and 1974 army coveralls

Vintage Levi's Jacket

Vintage 1974 Coveralls

Stack of vintage clothing

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