Vintage Thrift Haul of Vintage Denim │ My Thrifted Finds 9 July 2024

Today was an overall-finding day... again! Love it when the overalls show up. They're all '90s overalls but that's alright. They seem to not only be the most prevalent out there (because they're newer) but also in demand. Everyone needs a good pair of overalls to bash about in.

A flat lay of vintage denim

Found a vintage Levi's denim jacket, and belts today too. Even found an older '80s pair of 501s. 

The older 501s are so hard to find anymore. I'm lucky if I find one every other month. So when I saw that Levi's label, my heart was beating hard. Yes!♥

A close up of a levi's label

All items are headed to the shop this week. 


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