Freud's Last Session │ Mini Movie Review

Freud's Last Session Movie Poster

Last night, I watched a beautifully done movie called Freud's Last Session. It is a fictional account of a meeting between psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and Christian writer, theologian, and apologist C.S. Lewis.  Anthony Hopkins played Freud. And he did it very well.

While there's no proof this meeting ever happened, there's a possibility it did. All we know is an Oxford don visited Freud in his last days. It could've been Lewis. 

This movie was both written and acted superbly. Both sides were equally represented (for the existence or inexistence of God). Freud's Last Session gave hauntingly real potential re-enactments of conversations that could've taken place between two of the most brilliant minds of their time.

Freud and Lewis were two very unique individuals. But this movie brought them together in a way I could've never conceived. With gorgeous scenery, beautiful interior design, and accurate and authentic vintage details in Freud's study (and everywhere), watching this movie was like drinking a rich cup of coffee. The decor was delicious and inviting. 

Image of Anthony Hopkins

The cinematic vintage wardrobe was also spectacular. The British do vintage nicely. The movie is currently available on Netflix (and also on DVD or streaming).

I give it two vintage thumbs up.


Margaret W Tarrant | Vintage Whimsical Artist and Illustrator

Have you heard of artist Margaret W Tarrant? 

I didn’t know the name but I sure had seen her work. And most likely, you have too. I love this April drawing. And as a bonus, that font is beautiful. 

Margaret W Tarrant April Art

Born in the UK in the late 1800s, she was an active artist from 1900 until she died in the early 1950s. In her early years, she had an art nouveau style resplendent with forest fairies and ethereal and whimsical delights. Lots of details. She dually transcended into children’s book illustrations over the years and was a prolific and talented artist.

Her work is otherworldly and enchanting. And I’m thrilled to now know the artist behind the illustrations. I look forward to posting more of her work here on my blog.

Margaret W Tarrant Art
There are even Margaret Tarrant coloring books. What a beautiful thing. 

Margaret Tarrant Coloring Book

The Big Hug Mug | Vintage Mug Monday

So, I remember when the HBO series “True Detective” came out starring Matthew McConaughey (sometime in 2014) but I never watched an episode. 

I also remember a certain mug made famous from this show. I began seeing it pop up on Etsy and it was selling for crazy amounts. Like $80-100 crazy for a single mug.

A Big Hug Mug for Sale

While I wasn’t lucky enough to find one then, good things come to those who wait. I just found one. Maybe ten years past its prime, but I'll take it. And it's in excellent condition. 

Apparently, the mug hit just right on the show because of the balance it created. It was an older mug already (produced by the FTD people - you know, the flowers company) so not a new mug, even then. 

The show was heavy and serious but the mug was light and happy. Every book, movie, or TV show needs contrast and contradiction for good content. Conflict and tension - as well as contrasting elements - lead to irresistible entertainment.

A still of Matthew McConaughey from True Detective from HBO

This mug did just that. It fits the bill. (And so you know, it’s in the shop, at a more friendly price too.) 

And to all my fellow vintage mug lovers, may your mug be vintage and your coffee hot. Happy Vintage Mug Monday.


My Cup Runneth Over | My Wine Glass

A glass of red wine

When I ask for a glass of wine, this is generally how I want it to look. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually look this way (this good), especially from restaurants. But this flukey scenario was a welcome guest in my family room last night. (I know this isn’t a red wine glass… fresh out- so this had to suffice… and it did.)

Not so oddly enough, I have a candle - a real candle - that looks just like this perfect glass of wine. Smells amazing too. It’s linked here, so you can see what I’m talking about. So when my real wine glass doesn’t runneth over, my candle can.

Cheers, my vintage friends. 

May your wine glass be filled to the top.

Wise Old Owl | Vintage Truths

This image is so vintage perfect. The words are pretty perfect, too. A great reminder. Speak less, hear more: be like the wise old owl. Got it.

Wise old owl poem

10 Vintage-Inspired Modern Decor Items│ Vintage Style

While I prefer true vintage items, things that one would find in thrift stores and antique stores, sometimes I come across vintage-inspired items on Amazon or elsewhere that give vintage a (slight) run for their money.

Of course, it would always be finer to have the real McCoy (especially real McCoy pottery), but if you can have something similar, that fits your needs, modern vintage isn't a bad way to go.

Most decor in my home is vintage, but there are a few modern items, like wall art. And it's always inspirational when I see certain tapestries that look vintage (but don't have the hefty cost). And sometimes, dare I say, it jumps into my cart. Everything listed here is something I would put in my home. I love it all.

Here's a sample of some modern items I've seen that are vintage-inspired and can blend perfectly with your decor, whether your decor is modern, vintage, or a little bit of both. I've linked all the items. Sometimes, true vintage is the way to go... and sometimes vintage meets modern and it's just fine.♥

Flower Candle Warmer Lamp with Timer
Flower Candle Warmer Lamp- adorable!

***I am an Amazon affiliate. Links are incentivized and I may receive a small compensation if you purchase through the links.

Sunrise | Morning Run Views

Also, went for a run this morning. It’s been a while since I last ran. Like months… and before that, it had been years. 

I miss seeing sunrises. Adding exercise and early morning light does wonders for the body, mind, and soul. 

Trees hit by the morning sun
My beautiful Sequoias

Vintage Garden Saturday │ Views of my Backyard

I tend to post all of my garden/flowers/plants/ trees posts on Saturday here on this vintage blog, Perennial Vintage Supply.

It's probably because posting these foliage and blooms shots signals the start of relaxation - or at the very least, not as much work. I still work Saturday on writing and posting vintage no matter what, but it's always toned down or lessened to a much more minute level.

It's simple. And simple is sustainable.

Sundays are my day off. No writing, no vintage, and "no nothing" but taking time off to restore my body and soul. Sunday is my sabbath.

Here's a lovely morning look at my backyard. The azaleas still have their blooms. 

I'm grateful for it all. Hope your weekend is beautiful, too.


A view of a backyard full of flowers and a pool

Thank God it’s Vintage Friday | TGIVF Photo

Though I just returned from visiting North and South Carolina, I didn’t see any alligators. 

I’m sure they were there. But, I was okay with not being confronted by them just yet. 

This girl has a little more guts than I do. Standing on the back of a gator isn’t my cup of tea (even if it's stuffed), but hey. To each, her own. 

Have a great day, my vintage friends. Thank God it’s vintage Friday!

A vintage image of a girl standing on an alligators back.

Thrift Haul | Vintage Thrifted Finds April 25, 2024 - Week Four

Today’s mini thrift haul was small, but how I love it when the pieces go together. Headed to the shop soon!

  • Vintage Long Sweater circa ‘70s
  • Vintage Levi’s 540s circa early ‘90s
  • Two vintage red classic bandanas circa ‘80s

  • Flat lay of vintage clothes

Vintage Hawai'i │ Vintage '50s '60s Hawaiian Shirts

The west coast of America, which would be all of California, Oregon, and Washington (and Alaska) find ways to get somewhere tropical. It's a must.

That someplace tropical means the Hawaiian Islands. 

The aloha life.

Island time living.

I sell a lot of vintage Hawaiian dresses, shirts, and skirts. And the best ones are from the 1940s through the 1960s. (In my humble opinion).

After decades of selling their wonderful clothing to us folks from the mainland, guess who's buying back their merchandise?


Most vintage Hawaiian dresses and shirts I sell - nine times out of ten - go straight to the islands. I love it. I think it's wonderful they're getting their vintage textiles back to the islands. 

These vintage pieces are beautiful.

They're also different. And by different, I mean better. The quality and craftsmanship of vintage Hawaiian clothing is, like all things vintage compared to new clothing, night and day. And for islanders who wear Hawaiian clothing daily, why not find the stuff most people aren't wearing?

Why not stand out and look amazing at the same time?

I understand this well. Be different. Wear vintage.

I just listed this beautiful '70s barkcloth shirt, and this vintage Hawaiian-style '50s shirt by Pilgrim (made in California).

Vintage '70s Hawaiian Shirt

Vintage 70s Hawaiian label

Vintage Hawaiian Style Shirt Flat lay

Close up of Images on Pilgrim Hawaiian Shirt

Vintage label by Pilgrim of California

One is made in Hawaii, the other in California. 

Both are beautiful.

I just sold (two hours ago) a vintage Hawaiian dress and it’s headed to Kailua, Hawai’i. Mahalo, Hawai’i!

I have other Hawaiian merchandise regularly stocked throughout the year


Vintage Gardens | A Trip to Charleston

I’ve just gotten back from a trip to North Carolina to visit family. We toured all over Charlotte and the surrounding areas including Greensboro. What a gorgeous - and green - state. 

We also took a quick jaunt to Charleston in South Carolina - a quick four-hour drive away- and enjoyed our 36-hour stay. 

Charleston is magical. Old homes, old gardens, and a rich history that is unlike anything out here in my home of California, we love Charleston. It reminded us a lot of Boston, but again, the origins of both places are similar. Charleston was basically established in 1670, so when it comes to original vintage, this is one of the firsts of colonies and their establishments.

Here are some of the vintage gardens and homes I was enamored with. We’re talking homes I walked by and sneaked a peek at the homeowner’s hidden gardens! Which are everywhere. My paradise of vintage gardens, secret gardens, and sequestered hidden respites.

Not surprisingly, Charleston reminds me of Europe too. Narrow roads and side yards but stuffed with beauty, it’s something uniquely European and equally East Coast of America. Their hanging baskets and front doors are exquisite as well. 

Now that I’ve been to Charleston, I want to go back. There’s so much to see and do and we barely scratched the surface - not to mention, the food is a huge attraction. From barbecue to oysters, two of my favorites, well… I’m ready to go back  

Glad to be home but am sure glad I visited the South for a week. Enjoy!


A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

A Charleston Garden View

Vintage '60s Novelty Dress │ Vintage Dress at Perennial Vintage

I think every woman has a favorite dress. 
A flat lay of a vintage 60s dress

I happen to have a lot of favorites because I work with them on
Vintage '60s close up of a label a daily basis. Vintage dresses are the crème of the crop. 
But I do have a favorite favorite one. And it’s this one. 
A mid-century ‘60s cotton novelty-print dress. 
It’s crisp, it’s cute, it’s classy and it’s creative. Look at the pattern! Horses, street lamps, books… I mean. Wow. 
This is my favorite one and I can’t wait to wear it this spring and summer. I feel like Audrey Hepburn in Paris would’ve worn this. 

Vintage mid-century dress on a woman

And on a bicycle with a baguette in her hand, no less. 
Ooh lala. Such a fun one. 



What Vintage Thrifting Dreams are Made of │ Vintage Wishing

I’ve been treasure hunting for a long time. 

A rack of vintage clothing

I used to thrift and antique with my mom and sisters when I was a preteen. 

Now, I treasure hunt for a living (and love it!)

As one learns what they’re looking for, they begin to see how easy or hard specific items are to find. Some items practically find their way to you while other items are like searching for gold in an abandoned and much-used mine. They’re nearly impossible (but they are there) to uncover.

If I were, let’s say, to have a list of items that I want to find regularly - and yes, even dream about finding - it would look something like this list.

Here are my top 10 (constantly) quested finds:

  1. Vintage Levi’s Denim
  2. Vintage Pendleton (from shirts to women’s skirts)
  3. Vintage Denim Overalls (from the ‘30s through the ‘90s)
  4. Vintage Selvedge Denim (or non selvedge - any denim item)
  5. Vintage Military Clothing 
  6. Vintage Leather (bags, purses, vests, etc)
  7. Vintage Haute Couture Pieces (from Versace to YSL)
  8. Vintage Wool (from Sweaters to Trousers)
  9. Vintage Pyrex (I collect this as well)
  10. Vintage 1930-1960s dresses
These are my top favorites. Ones I dream about. Denim shows up three times in this list. 

Levi’s is its own category because it’s that valuable and special to me. Selvedge is its own because it’s so rare. And regular denim is on the list because I so often find denim from Wrangler, Lee, and numerous others that are beautiful and collectible. 

Do you have any specific items you are looking for?

This is a small list. I also add random vintage items like belts, jackets, scarves, and other vintage kitchen items. But on the whole, if I could just find the items on this list, I would be beyond happy.

And actually, I do! (Just not as often as I wish.)

When you find what you’re looking for, and questing for, researching, and hunting for, it makes those rounds so sweet. 

Happy hunting, my vintage friends. 

Spring 2024 │ Butterfly in the Vintage Garden

Sitting out on the patio the other day, a lone monarch butterfly ambled over to my old azaleas and began flitting about looking for nectar. 

A butterfly in an azalea flower

This one was a little unique in that it didn't just flit from one flower to the next, but took its time sitting in the flower, finding all the goodness, and hanging out. Enjoying the scenery.

He hung out long enough for me to get some decent photos!

He wasn't in a hurry. He was waiting for the nectar to come to him rather than hurrying through from flower to flower.

I can take a lesson from this butterfly. 

Slow down, smell the flowers... and by activating a slow-living lifestyle, you get everything you need because you have slowed down enough to see your needs fulfilled.

He probably gained more from each flower by slowly taking it in and taking his time.

A monarch flying away from an azalea

There's a lot to be said for relaxing, slowing the need to find your "daily bread" and instead, letting the bread find its way to you in due time.

There's a season for working hard, and a season for sitting back. I think we need to sit back more often. 

Less is more. Yes, even the butterfly tells me so. Slow down to live a more productive - and satisfying - life.


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